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The FlexiFreeze® Cooling Collar is a refreezable neck wrap designed to keep you cool and comfortable in hot environments. The FlexiFreeze® Cooling Collar contains an 8 cube strip of FlexiFreeze® Ice to provide long lasting cooling. With it's soft inner lining, this cooling collar is very comfortable. Great for work or play. Its sleek design allows the cooling collar to fit comfortably under show shirts. Simply freeze and use. Reuse over and over again. Added bonus! The collar fits nicely in the Carry-Cool bag.  

 To use: Simply freeze the ice cube strip, place it into the cooling collar and wrap around the neck as shown in the picture. The hook and loop closure allows the cooling collar to adjust comfortably to all neck sizes. 

 Cooling Collar vs Evaporative Solutions:

 The FlexiFreeze® Cooling Collar is different than evaporative cooling solutions. FlexiFreeze® Cooling Collars use the heat absorbing power of ice to draw heat off of the back of the neck as it thaws. FlexiFreeze® Refreezable ice sheets trap the water in industrial strength, food grade plastic which keeps the wearer dry and comfortable. Evaporative cooling products are usually soaked in water to activate and require the evaporation of water to provide a modest cooling effect. As a result, when humidity increases the effectiveness of evaporative products reduces significantly. 


 28" long x 2.5" high. (cooling area is 15.5" long)

 Item includes:

  1. FlexiFreeze® Cooling Collar
  2. 8 cube strips of FlexiFreeze® Refreezable Ice