Safety Guidelines

General Disclaimer

The following are not intended to cover all possibilities of use. If you have any questions regarding the warnings, cautions or instructions, please contact EquiSources® directly for assistance.


Intended Usage

This product is to be used to cool down your horse after exercise, during competition, for general refreshment, malaise, to refresh your horse on hot/humid days, while hauling, etc.…


Carry-Cool® can be used on horses for extended periods to treat heat associated with elevated core temperature, by adding additional water to the Wrap, but use common sense if external temperatures become chilly and/or your horse exhibits signs associated with being uncomfortably cold such as but not limited to shivering.


Always monitor while being used, checking Carry-Cool® Wrap periodically for shifting or tightness when applied to horse; leave approximately a (2) finger-width gap between Carry-Cool® Wrap and underside area of neck closest to throat, for comfort and safety.


Associate yourself with symptoms of heat stroke and/or illness and always consult a veterinarian if symptoms are present. Carry-Cool® is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical advice.

Care, Maintenance, and Storage

Hand wash your Carry-Cool® Wrap using a few drops of antibacterial dish soap and cool water (hot water not recommended) after each use. Wring out excess moisture and store wet in the water-resistant Sleeve (provided) for short periods between use.

For storage during long periods between use:

The Carry-Cool® Wrap is made from PVA material which is resistant to microbial reproduction. For long periods between use you may allow the Wrap to dry naturally in the Sleeve or Tube by not zipping closed. Your Carry-Cool® Wrap will eventually become stiff if left to air dry. Handle with Care. Do NOT force or bend when dry, the Wrap will break.

Add water to Carry-Cool® Wrap to reactivate suppleness.

Do not wash any of the components in a washing machine or dry in a dryer.

Do not use the Wrap over liniments, cooling gels or other braces.

Avoid pulling aggressively on Carry-Cool® Wrap to adjust or remove from horse. Although PVA fabric is durable, it is porous in nature and is not indestructible.

Carry-Cool® is not designed to administer heat. DO NOT place components microwave or other heating devices.

DO NOT put Carry-Cool® Wrap directly in freezer and always use the kit’s water-resistant Sleeve to avoid wet Carry-Cool® Wrap sticking directly to cold Ice Packs and/or water leakage.

Wipe Insulated Cooler Tube and water-resistant Sleeve after use with gentle, non-Clorox wipes or wet cloth.

Dry Ice Packs thoroughly before re-freezing to avoid damage.

Light fading of Carry-Cool® Wrap may occur after use with the Carry-Cool®. It is made from sponge-like PVA material, which can lighten slightly after repeated use. This does not change its effectiveness.

Limited Manufacturer Warranty

EquiSources® warrants to the original retail purchaser only, that it will replace or repair components that are defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service, at sole discretion of EquiSources®’s

The warranty is for parts only and may not include labor or costs of shipping.

All warranties are conditioned upon the proper use of the product strictly in accordance with applicable EquiSources® instructions.

Within the guidelines set forth in this document, this product is warranted for One (1) Year. The applicable warranty period shall commence from date of purchase/shipment to the Customer. Proof of purchase is necessary.


This limited warranty shall only apply to defects that are reported to EquiSources® within the applicable warranty period.
Please contact your Carry-Cool® Representative or EquiSources directly by calling 770-549-0057 or by e-mailing a warranty claim/request to Specific directions will be provided by the Customer Service Representative.



The warranty does not cover and EquiSources® shall not be liable for the following: 1) Defects, damage, or other conditions caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, accident, freight damage, tampering or failure to seek and obtain repair or replacement in a timely manner; 2) Products not installed, used, or properly cleaned and maintained; and 3) Labor or shipping charges. Other exclusions apply.