Carry-Cool® draws heat away from hot muscles while adding the right amount of refreshing cold to targeted areas associated with equine cooling.

Before Carry-Cool®, after 15 minutes of moderate exercise in 89° heat.
Same horse after 5 minutes with Carry-Cool® (Notice the horse’s cooler face and brain area).

Thermography credits: Kenneth Marcella, DVM, KLM Equine, FEI Veterinarian



All subjects were tested in a controlled environment including veterinarian collaboration.  Each subject served as their own control, and all were fit sport horses.


Our robust results revealed that each of the horses that used the Carry-Cool® protocol in the Experimental Phase (see blue below), exhibited significantly faster heart rate and respiratory recovery times including a relaxed physical appearance, compared to their Control Phase (without the  Carry-Cool®) where two of the horses had no respiratory or heart rate change in the initial five minutes post-exercise. 




"Carry-Cool® shows promise, even in very early phases of product trials, as a useful tool in the recovery of horses post-exercise. In addition to metrics such as shortened times to reduction of heart rates and respiratory rates, Carry-Cool has a calming effect that will be quantified in later trials. Carry-Cool® offers a portable, efficient, easy-to-use and most importantly, effective alternative to cumbersome and heavy cooling equipment." - Amanda Jo Calvird DVM, KLM Equine, Canton, GA