Who We Are

As avid horse owners and riders we at EquiSources® know what it takes to have horses stay in top, physical condition. So, we want all horses to feel amazing and physically prepared to take on any venue! We believe Carry-Cool® is an important piece of your serious performance protocol dedicated to maintaining a happy and healthy horse.

What is Carry-Cool®?

Carry-Cool® is a portable kit that helps cool down the temperature of a hot horse. The patented wrap design is made from a super absorbent, contoured material that wraps around the neck of the horse and is carried in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs, where it stays chilled until use.

Carry-Cool ® works in conjunction with your equine's natural cooling system to safely restore and refresh your horse.

See What They Are Saying!

Jelmer Hoekstra, NED

 "Carry-Cool® is perfect for my FEI post-competition routine! My horses feel relaxed and ready for the next day."

Kelley Robinson, CAN

It's so important to us to keep our horses cool and comfortable. With Carry-Cool®, we can use it any place, any time."

Larry Glefke & Kelley Farmer, USA

"Making our horses as comfortable as possible is a priority at Lane Change Farm.  We have found Carry-Cool® to be an effective tool in shortening their recovery time after work."

Daniel Geitner, USA

"At DFG Stables our horse care comes first. That's why we use Carry-Cool® at the ring and back at the barn." 

Kim Sosebee, USA

"Carry-Cool® is a necessity for anyone wanting to cool down his/her horse quickly! It is super effective at cooling the horse down at home, and it is also conveniently packaged to be able to take on the road to competitions. I love being able to help my horses recover quicker after work or travel with Carry-Cool®!!!" 

Jenna Friedman, ISR

"For FEI and back at the barn, Carry-Cool® is a necessity for our horse care. Our horses do so much for us, it's amazing to help them feel relaxed, comfortable and ready to go with no meds required!"

Carry-Cool® by EquiSources®, LLC

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