How To Use

What is Carry-Cool®?

Carry-Cool® is a portable kit that helps cool down the temperature of a hot horse. The patented wrap design is made from a super absorbent, contoured material that wraps around the neck of the horse and is carried in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs, where it stays chilled until use.

Carry-Cool ® works in conjunction with your equine's natural cooling system to safely restore and refresh your horse.


Step #1 Preparing to use:

Place ice packs in freezer until cold. Remove and place ice packs in cooler-tube. Wet Carry-Cool® wrap thoroughly, squeezing out extra water and place in water-resistant sleeve. Zip and place on ice packs in cooler-tube until ready to use.

Step #2 Ready to use:

Remove cold Carry-Cool® wrap from water-resistant sleeve. Position Carry-Cool® wrap on your horse's neck by placing end with removable straps over withers centered with one removable strap on each side of horse. (Attach to saddle if desired) Extend this panel up neck towards ears. Wrap long panel of Carry-Cool® (see picture) under neck and around, up, over crest and secure using Velcro fasteners (See picture Step 3).

Step #3 Cooling your Horse:

As heat is removed, the wrap will become immediately warmer. This is normal and temporary. Wrap will return to a cooler temperature as evaporation and heat removal continue to refresh your horse. Additional water can be added to prolong cooling if long-term use is expected. Always check for tightness around your horse's neck. Leave minimum of two fingers between wrap and throat area of neck for comfort and safety.



Carry-Cool® comes with everything you see here for cooling, easy storage, and travel! The easiest equine cooling system in the world!

How To Use

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